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Scott Proctor is learning the veterans role

While Scott Proctor doesn't envision himself as the grizlzy old veteran, that is what he is to Marlins bullpen staff.

"I've never been in this role before, the older guy, and guys asking [me] questions. But it's going to be fun," Proctor said. "There are a lot of good guys here, and guys who listen. As long as we work together and have a common goal, it will be a fun year."

At age 32, Proctor has a proven track record as a workhorse with the Yankees under manager Joe Torre.

Welcome to the Marlins.  And oh yeah, Joe Torre darn near destoryed his arm during that season.

Proctor goes on.

"The pitching staff, just with their ability levels, and the sizes of the guys, it's incredible," he said. "But again, the bottom line, ability doesn't mean a thing unless you execute. I just show up and go about my business. I'll talk with several of them."

Yeah, if a benches clearing fight happens, the last thing the other team wants to see is the Marlins bullpen running in to join the fray -- those guys are huge.

Proctor by this account seems to understand why he is on the team.  It is not just getting batters out in the late innings, which is important, but to also school the young ones.  And it appears he has accepted the extra responsibility.  This can only lead to good things for the Fish.