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Ricky Nolasco's simulated game

Ricky Nolasco threw a simulated game on the back fields yesterday, and in case you don't know what a simulated game is all about, the following should enlighten you.

One has to witness a simulated spring training game to understand what loneliness is all about.

Tuesday morning, on Field No. 2, one if the many fields stretching out behind Roger Dean Stadium, Marlins ace Ricky Nolasco pitched six solid innings, throwing 80-plus pitches.

 The lone fan in the stands was former Marlins manager Jack McKeon. And since there were no defensive players on the field, just the pitcher on the mound with pitching coach Mark Wiley seated behind him, current manager Fredi Gonzalez was in the outfield gathering up balls that made it out there.

 How solid was the outing?

 Well, the catcher is kind of calling balls and strikes, aided by pitching coach Mark Wiley.

 And when the ball is hit, everyone kind of guesses if it would be an out or not since is no one there to catch it. But not many hitters were touching Nolsasco.

If you have never seen one, they are kinda weird, but sorta interesting in a strange way.  It is a part of baseball that few have witnessed.  My only time to see one the team got every young batter who was hungry to make it to the majors to face the pitcher.  Now they may not have been the most skilled hitters in camp at the time, but they were the most determined.

If you ever get the chance to see one, go.  Now, you may get bored after about 15 minutes and decide to do something else, but it is part of the game and it is interesting, at least to me, to see what the players go through.

Your mileage may vary.