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Logan Kensing likes ducks?

This has to be one of the......most different 60 seconds interviews.

It seems that Logan Kensing likes ducks.

60 seconds with Marlins pitcher Logan Kensing

Here a part of it:

Do you have a duck fetish?

I have no fetish with ducks. My mom always said that ducks in some cultures are considered really good luck. So once a month I get a new one (from her) - rubber duck, stuffed duck, a duck.

Every month?

She's usually on top of her game. I am an only child, after all, so she's got nothing else to do.

And it goes on, read the rest.  While I'm not sure it is enlightening it is sorta interesting. 1

Oh, by the way, if you are a mother and take exception to Logan's statement of "after all, so she's got nothing else to do."

You can write him at: