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Stadium News - Sort of

The DBA legal language couldn't be worked out quickly enough to satisfy the county attorney on the eve of the vote by the city.

Sarah Talalay reports.

The historic compact the Marlins struck with the NAACP and Miami-Dade Chamber of Commerce on Friday to ensure 15 percent of stadium construction and operation contracts go to black-owned businesses was rescinded Tuesday.

The team, NAACP and chamber made the decision to kill the compact after Miami-Dade County attorneys warned the agreement could be unconstitutional and subject the county to lawsuits. Representatives of all three organizations said they were disappointed in the county’s interpretation. However, they did not want to interfere with passage of the ballpark plan.

“We carefully constructed this Compact so as not to violate any existing law,” Bishop Victor T. Curry, President, Miami-Dade County Chapter of the NAACP, said in a statement. “Any time one of our corporate citizens attempts to provide opportunities for all races in this County, I believe the County Attorney's Office should embrace the concept and not obstruct it. We had several attorneys research this issue, and they reached a different conclusion … I look forward to working with the Marlins without political interference to ensure that this community is a place where all people can prosper.”

I really don't understand how this was a problem.  Granted I don't know Florida state law concerning these things, but I do know the federal law and agreeing to the pact with black-owned business is not against the law.  So long as it doesn't exclude other disadvantaged businesses, such as female owned, from receiving contracts.

But I guess time is of the essence and if the Marlins and the NAACP can reach a "gentlemen's agreement" then that should work.

Cue Ringo Star:  It don't come easy.