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Matt Lindstrom strained rotator cuff

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Matt Lindstrom strained his rotator cuff and will be sidelined for awhile.

OK, now what?

 That is the question following news that closer Matt Lindstrom will not be throwing for seven to 10 days due to a strained rotator cuff, meaning his return by the April 6 season opener is doubtful.

 Leo Nunez and Scott Proctor are the likely candidates, but Proctor is still nursing a sore elbow and Nunez has never been a closer.

If Matt isn't able to go on opening day, Nunez will be the closer.  Proctor isn't even throwing off the mound yet and probably won't be back in form, whatever that form is, by opening day.

So it falls to Leo.  Nunez has the tools to close, so it is just a matter of the mental aspect of the position, which I think he has.  We will see.

Click and the link and checkout the Sun-Sentinel blog.  They have gone all video blogging on us.  Now I don't know who got the digital video camera for their birthday, whether it was Mike or Juan, but they are doing their best Spielberg imitation and it is worth seeing.  (Spielberg did do a documentary in his past?  Right?)