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Stadium News - Sort of

The Marlins have once again run into a bit of a snag, but I don't think this one is very serious.

Sarah Talalay reports.

On Friday, the Marlins, NAACP and Miami-Dade Chamber of Commerce signed a pact to ensure 15 percent of the construction and operations contracts on the new ballpark go to black-owned businesses. On Sunday, Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria said the timing for the stadium is perfect because of the jobs it will bring during the recession.

But on Monday, the ballpark project hit another snag. Miami-Dade County attorneys raised concerns that the pact over black-owned businesses could be unconstitutional and said they did not want county commissioners considering the deal with that provision. Team, NAACP and chamber officials worked Monday to modify the language of the deal to maintain its intent.

I'm told the issues should be worked out...

I've kinda kept up this and I can't imagine that it is any big deal.  Really, all that needs to done to rewrite some of the language and it should be good to go.

DBA (disadvantaged business agreements) are a normal process in building anything when public money is involved.  It just a matter of satisfying the attorneys to protect against a reverse discrimination lawsuit.  And this type of agreement has been done countless times in the past and shouldn't be a problem.

Then again, we are talking about a stadium for the Marlins....and nothing comes easy.