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Matt Lindstrom has a sore shoulder

Matt Lindstrom is probably out of the WBC due to a stiff shoulder.

Closer Matt Lindstrom has a sore right shoulder, and he will undergo an MRI on Monday.

Most likely, he is done pitching for Team USA. The bigger concern now is the regular season.

In the eighth inning on Sunday against the Netherlands, he was lifted with two outs because of the shoulder discomfort.

Great, just, Great.  The Marlins sent five players to the WBC and two have come back injured.  And we still have one playing.

If you saw the game or the highlights you know that Lindstrom nearly helped in causing the first bench clearing brawl in WBC history.

Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria visited with Lindstrom after the game and said he was experiencing tightness in his shoulder. He will undergo a magnetic resonance imaging test today.

"He just said he was stiff," Loria said. "He called it 'dead arm.' Maybe that's spring training stuff. I don't know. We're not taking any chances."

Loria added that Lindstrom told him he wasn't trying to throw at Rooi.

 That is what Loria had to say about the incident.  Then there is this:

Humorously, both Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria (who attended the game) and Team USA Davey Johnson tried to alibi for Lindstrom, saying the pitch got away with him due to the sore right shoulder that took him out of the game a few moments later. And the reporter who asked the question even offered an out, saying, "Did the pitch get away from you?" And Lindstrom, the earnest former Mets farmhand, flat-out admitted, "I was sending a message," after the previous batter, Bryan Engelhardt, styled following a long home run.

 While I love the old school competitive spirit, uh Matt, they aren't the Phillies.  You were playing the Netherlands in an exhibition tournament in a game that was already won.  It's not like you are ever going to play them again anytime soon.  The weird thing is that Lindstrom, in normal life, is about as easy going as they come.

The incident aside.

The issue with the WBC has always been player's injuries for MLB players.  In 2006 many clubs complained about their pitchers returning from the WBC with sore arms.  To address this, the number of pitches were reduced that a pitcher could throw in one game and extended the amount of rest.  Whether this has helped or not, is still up for grabs, but the injuries are starting to rack up for pitchers and position players alike.

Dustin Pedroia, Chipper Jones, Matt Lindstrom, Ryan Braun — that's four injuries for Team USA in two days


Braves catcher Brian McCann made his first professional appearance in left field as Braun's replacement. Team USA manager Davey Johnson publicly apologized to Braves manager Bobby Cox for playing McCann out of position, and also acknowledged asking Cubs pitcher Ted Lilly if he could play left field.


Team USA isn't an isolated case; Yankees officials did not sound pleased when second baseman Robinson Cano and reliever Damaso Marte rejoined the team in worse shape than when they left to play for the Dominican Republic.

And the list goes on and on....

Of course players can get hurt in spring training also, but for most who have a guaranteed spot, maximum effort for an extended period of time is not required in the second week of March.

Just saying.

Hopefully Lindstrom is fine and will need just a little bit of rest and the WBC will be just a distant memory which happened at the start of spring training.