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Zach Kroenke returned

Rule Five 5 draft pick, Zach Kroenke, has been sent back to the Yankees.

...they opted to return left-hander Zach Kroenke to the Yankees this morning.

Kroenke totaled one inning over two Grapefruit League appearances, including one disastrous outing in which he failed to retire any of the seven batters he faced. With Kroenke gone, Taylor Tankersley, Jon Koronka, Aaron Thompson and Dan Meyer will vie for the second lefty spot in the Marlins' bullpen.

The Marlins will get back half of the $50,000 draft fee from the Yankees.

Kroenke has talent but apparently isn't quite ready to make the jump to the majors.  In a perfect world the Yankees wouldn't want him back and the Marlins could have sent to the minors for development.  But it wasn't to be.