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Replacing Alfredo Amezaga

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The Florida Marlins are going to look at a couple of options in case Alfredo Amezaga takes longer to heal than projected.

The Marlins would prefer to replace Amezaga with one guy instead of two. To that end, Gonzalez said Robert Andino and Emilio Bonifacio would begin working in the outfield. Both spent some time out there during batting practice prior to Thursday night's game against the Mets.

Bonifacio played outfield just about exclusively in winter ball. Andino has worked out there before as well, albeit not as extensively. Gonzalez was asked if he could envision carrying both guys on the 25-man roster while Amezaga recovers from the left knee sprain that will sideline him four to six weeks. He didn't rule it out, but that seems unlikely.

I'm not going to hit this hard since I have already made my feelings known.  But I will say this, one of the many of Alfredo's backup roles was the backup short stop and between the two, Andino and Bonifacio, I can absolutely guarantee that Andino is the better defensive short stop.

Okay, I won't leave it alone: send Bonifacio to the minors and develop him.  Enough already.  Sure, I understand about having players compete for a position, but enough is an enough.  He is not ready.

At this stage in the game, Andino is the far superior player.