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Florida Marlins not on Fox game of the week

It turns out that Fox Sports doesn't think much of the Marlins and aren't including them on Fox's Saturday game of the week.

But then again, neither is ESPN on Sunday.

So let's get this straight. The Marlins finished 84-77 last season and received not one appearance on Fox's 2009 Saturday baseball schedule, which includes three regional games each week. The Braves (72-90) were given eight games. Heck, even Oakland (75-86) and Seattle (61-101) got one apiece. How can this be?

The Marlins' low payroll and lack of a national following are among the reasons why they are the only U.S.-based team with a winning 2008 record that did not get a 2009 game on Fox.

Toronto (86-76) also got left off.

And the Marlins were omitted from ESPN's first-half Sunday night schedule, too.

However TBS, apparently doesn't follow the same we got to get some ratings scheme and will have the Marlins on twice.

At least TBS is carrying two Sunday afternoon Marlins games -- Mets (April 12) and Phillies (April 26), though Fox Sports Florida gets local exclusivity.

Honestly, I couldn't careless that Fox isn't putting the Marlins in their Saturday lineup.

I mean really, let's think about it -- if the game is on Fox, oh sure more people will see the Marlins in action, but it would mean that it will be Saturday day game, supplanting the normal night game.  And waking up early Sunday to see the game is enough for me.  Also it screws up Super Saturday -- fireworks are kinda hard to see during the day.

Fox Sports isn't totally excluding the Marlins from broadcast.

Don’t feel like making that drive to Fort Myers on Saturday? FOX Sports will televise the Marlins-Twins game live starting at 1 p.m.

Tommy Hutton will help Twins TV voice Dick Bremer call the action during the first through third innings and the final three innings. Rich Waltz will call action from innigs four through six.

During the game, Rich and Twins analyst Ron Coomer will interview players from eh team dugouts…

Okay, so there you have it.  If you haven't seen the Marlins play this spring training, and I haven't, the Marlins will be televised tomorrow.  And that will be the first and last time on a national broadcast.

So enjoy!