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Chris Volstad hit with a come backer

Chris Volstad was struck in the thigh by a batted ball in yesterday's game.

But what had the team most worried was how it happened, with Joe Mather hitting a screaming line drive off the right side of the 22-year-old Palm Beach Gardens, Fla., native's body.

The ball rolled towards second base, Jon Jay scored, and the Marlins' training staff went to the mound to check on Volstad.

After a few minutes, he was taken out of the game, but it was merely for precautionary reasons, as the line drive hit all muscle, and all Volstad had on his right thigh was a whole lot of redness.

No one seems too worried about this, if he isn't sore he will make his next start.  If the bruising causes some problems, the Marlins will push him back.

Apparently, if the reports are correct, it looked scary than it actually was.  Hopefully the reports are correct.