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Alfredo Amezaga out for 4-6 weeks

As Jrsyeagle reported in yesterday's comments, the doctor's visit didn't go all that well.

Of all the players on the Marlins, Alfredo Amezaga was probably the last guy the organization wanted to see suffer an injury.

Don't know about him being the last guy, but he is definitely important.

The article goes on.

"He's like three guys," manager Fredi Gonzalez said after he found out his super-utility player would miss four to six weeks with a sprained left knee, making him very doubtful to be ready by Opening Day.

After playing for Mexico against Australia in Mexico City in the World Baseball Classic late Sunday night, Amezaga called Florida trainer Sean Cunningham to tell him he was experiencing soreness in his left knee.


But it turned out to be more serious than most thought when Amezaga saw Dr. Lee Kaplan in Miami on Tuesday. The 31-year-old switch-hitter will now be in an immobilizer for the next two weeks, putting him out of activity, and Florida has to fill a need -- at least early on .


Robert Andino, who is out of Minor League options and was in the middle of trade rumors this offseason, could start the year on the 25-man roster -- although Florida would run into the same roster dilemma once Amezaga returns -- and so could newly acquired Emilio Bonifacio.

Forget Bonifacio he is, or at least should be, destined for New Orleans.

It is not clear to me that once Alfredo returns that the club will have to make a decision on whether to keep Andino or not.

If the Marlins go with twelve pitchers and thirteen position players, never a guarantee, the team could easily have both on the bench.

Once again, if the Marlins have thirteen position players four slots are almost a lock, Wes Helms, a backup catcher, an outfielder, Amezaga (when he returns) and one other.

Sure a left-handed bat might be nice, but it isn't a requirement.  Especially if the team is serious about more contact and better play in the field.  And if Amezaga is a little slow in recovering the Marlins will have almost no option other than to keep Andino.

Which wouldn't bother me in the least, I think the boy can play the game.  But even if Alfredo recovers quickly that doesn't mean there won't be a place for Andino.  There is nothing wrong with having two slick fielding utility players with speed at the ready.

And the really interesting part about it, both can hit the ball out of the park if the circumstances are right.  Now granted, the circumstances aren't right very often.

While I would never claim to be clairvoyant to Beinfest's thoughts but it seems to me with Amezaga hurting his knee twice, in such a short period of time, the club might, and should, hold onto Andino.