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Baseball Musings' best Florida Marlins batting order

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David Pinto of Baseball Musings worked out his best offensive lineup for the Florida Marlins.

Team Offense, Florida Marlins

I think our very own Dan beat me to this in the comments, however, I will say it anyway.  It is doubtful at this point in time that Dallas McPherson will be the third baseman for the Marlins.  More than likely Cantu will play third and Gaby Sanchez will man first.  So all that needs to be done is swap McPherson out for Sanchez in the eight hole.

Dan already did that in the comments and ran the possibilities, he loves this stuff, and the Marlins are a little better off with Sanchez in the lineup than McPherson.

I will say this as far as projections go:  I'm not impressed with the Chone, PECOTA or Marcel projections for the 2009 Marlins, that is unless they plan on a lot of injuries coming the Marlins way.  In other words, I feel that they have too few data points to make their predictions and aren't weighting them properly and thus making the Marlins look more anemic compared to how the team will perform.

But hey, I'm a Marlins fan, so this must be factored in to my opinion.