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Netherlands coming to Miami

Or to be more accurate the Netherlands will soon be on their way to Miami Gardens.

In case you didn't see the game, and Lord knows I didn't, the Netherlands beat the Dominican Republic for the second time in a stunning upset.

The Netherlands pulled off another major upset on Tuesday night, when it came from behind in the 11th inning to beat the Dominican Republic, 2-1, in Game 5 of Pool D play of the World Baseball Classic.

The win was The Netherlands' second upset of the Dominican team. It eliminated the Dominicans from the Classic and it qualified the Dutch to play in Round 2 in Miami.


Fantastic.  Cinderella stories always warm the heart.

Of course, true to the business at hand Sarah Talalay asked the important questions concerning the possible effect on the local economy.

When tourism officials and World Baseball Classic organizers spoke of Miami as a natural location for second round games in the Olympic-style baseball tournament, they weren't counting the Netherlands among the teams that would attract locals and international tourists to the games that start Saturday at Dolphin Stadium.

"The diversity of Miami corresponds very well to all these teams," Claude Delorme, a Marlins senior vice president who is coordinating the Classic, told me before the WBC started.

USA, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, even Canada, perhaps. But the Netherlands?


Is the Netherlands knocking off the vaunted Dominicans one of those feel-good stories that fans like, even if organizers and broadcasters worry about ticket sales and viewership? Will you root for the underdog?

I can only speak for myself, but Yes, Yes I will.  I have never advocated wearing orange to a professional baseball game in JRS.  (And I don't care how cute the Mermaids look in the color.  Heck, they look cute wearing any color.)  It is just not right.  But now there is an exception to the rule.

What it comes down to is the Marlins have an important component on the Netherlands team and I am first and foremost a Marlins fan when it comes to baseball.  Why else would I spend my free time writing this blog?

I even called my cable company and asked if they would start carrying the MLB Network.  They said since I was the only who has ever requested that -- No.

Ah, I live in such a wonderful place.  But enough about that crap.

If you aren't already on the Netherlands bandwagon and are thinking about jumping aboard.  Here is a breakdown of the their players.

Netherlands Baseball.

Jair Jurrjens must be kicking himself for opting out.