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Alfredo Amezaga headed to Miami

Since apparently I'm too negative about the Marlins pitchers in the WBC, I will switch gears and now be concerned about the Marlins position players.

Alfredo Amezaga "tweaked" his knee and is out of the WBC.

Marlins utility player Alfredo Amezaga returned to South Florida from the World Baseball Classic on Monday after experiencing stiffness in his left knee.

Amezaga is expected to be evaluated by team doctors Tuesday.

Who knows what he did to his knee, but we will jump off that bridge when we come to it.

Here is my favorite part of the Miami Hearld's article.

The Marlins asked Amezaga to return to South Florida to have the knee checked.

That's one way to say it, another is how the AP described the request.

Amazaga hurt his knee against the Australians on Sunday and was ordered by his major league team, the Florida Marlins, to withdraw from the Classic.

I'm guessing the AP's description is probably a little more accurate. (Excepting for the fact they misspelled Alfredo's last name.)

Alfredo injured his knee earlier in camp and this isn't something the team wants to play around with.  He is needed to perform at a moments notice for the team during the season.  As you all know, he is extremely valuable as a bench player.  And to mention he may be the best defensive short stop in the game.

Should this be something serious, and hopefully it isn't, for those of us on the Andino watch, it means the Marlins probably can't part with Andino.  Of course, this would not be the way we want it for Andino to stick with the team.  But it does take him off the trading block for the time being.