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Brett Carroll makes the play

As LadyFish alluded to in yesterday's comments, Brett Carroll made an outstanding play.

Right fielder Brett Carroll ran into foul territory and made a terrific catch near the seats. After catching the drive by Placido Polanco, Carroll made an amazing turn and throw to third base. His throw sailed on a fly directly to third base, preventing Alex Avila from tagging and moving to third.

"Sometimes you just throw and let your instincts take over," Carroll said. 

Initially when I heard that Avila didn't try to tag up, I wondered why?  It's not like the Marlins play the Tigers very often so how could they know about Brett Carroll's arm?

Then it occurred to me that Matt Treanor and Dontrelle Willis were in the Tigers dugout and they know.  Gee thanks guys, way to make the Marlins pitchers throw more pitches.