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Rick VandenHurk does good

In his start against Puerto Rico's very potent lineup, Rick VandenHurk pitched 3.1 scoreless innings.

Rick VandenHurk, who has pitched 22 career games for the Florida Marlins, held the Puerto Ricans scoreless while pitching into the fourth.

There was a typically rowdy atmosphere at Hiram Bithorn to welcome the local heroes. But the atmosphere switched from delirium to disbelief in the second when Yurendell DeCaster’s single put the Netherlands ahead, 1-0.

In case you are wondering why they relieved Rick after only 3.1 scoreless innings, it was because he had thrown 70 pitches which is the limit for any pitcher in the first round.

In case you were wondering, and why wouldn't you be, in the Netherlands they have their own word for baseball.

The word for baseball in Dutch is honkbal, so the players are called honkballers. The translations are not commonly known among baseball fans unless they live in the Netherlands. But that is changing, and the process was almost greatly accelerated on Monday.

So now you know.  If in the future when Rick pitches for the Marlins I refer to game as honkbal, you will know what that means.  (Oh, just like I will remember the term after today.  Fat chance.)