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Fredi Gonzalez in final year of contract

Fredi Gonzalez is in the final year of his contract and at this time there are no plans to extend it.

Manager Fredi Gonzalez is entering the final season of his three-year contract, but the Marlins have no plans yet to discuss an extension.

Part of the reason has to do with the pending ballpark vote.

"It's not even on my radar at the moment,'' Samson said. "I know it becomes a big source of discussion - 'Oh, lame-duck this ... ' In this day and age, when you are working for a professional team, you're supposed to go out there and do a job.

"I know it won't affect Fredi. It's not something we think about right now. We have other issues that we're dealing with.''

Gonzalez, who guided the Marlins to 84 wins last year after a 71-91 record as a rookie in 2007, wasn't concerned about his future.

"If I do a good job, I'll get another one,'' he said with a smile.

(Emphasis is mine)

Pardon my French, as they say, this a load of crap.  Sure we all can arm chair manage the team from our homes and have some disagreements with the moves Fredi makes.  But the fact remains he led the team to third best record in its history last season.

And speaking about working for a professional team, how much time did you take off Samson in order to train for the Iron Man?

Granted, there are other things on the front burner, but don't give me "you are working for a professional team, you're suppose to go out there and do a job" line.

Especially when Samson, himself, doesn't adhere to it.


''With what Fredi has done with that roster -- I mean, winning 84 games last year and they played only 161 -- that he wouldn't get an extension is mind-boggling to me,'' said Orlando Magic coach Stan Van Gundy, a Marlins fan and friend of Gonzalez. ``It was one of the best managerial jobs done in baseball last year, if not the best.''

Gonzalez, named Sporting News NL Manager of the Year in '08, lives in Atlanta during the offseason, and the Braves (his former employer) could have interest when Bobby Cox retires. In recent years, the Marlins gave long-term contracts to key executives but only one player ( Hanley Ramirez). ''Whenever [Jeffrey Loria] decides he wants to address it, he'll address it,'' Marlins president David Samson said. ``We're obviously happy Fredi has been here.''

The Braves were grooming Fredi to take over for the legendary Bobby Cox and if the Marlins don't lock him in, he will be eventually Atlanta bound.

Now, that may not bother some of you, but I happen to like Fredi.  And anyone who rides a Harley to spring training, can't be all bad.