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Ivan Rodriguez is still a possibility?

It seems the Marlins are still toying with idea of bringing Ivan Rodriguez into the fold.

John Baker-Mike Rabelo catching tandem is becoming an increasingly realistic scenario for the Marlins. That said, a source who has spoken with their front office said Pudge Rodriguez remains a possibility at the right price.

The Marlins have just about reached their payroll budget and are prepared to open camp a week from Saturday with their current inventory. The only free agent they'll consider adding at this point is Rodriguez to platoon with the left-handed hitting Baker.

The question is Rodriguez's willingness to accept a six-figure base salary and modest incentive package. The source said even though owner Jeffrey Loria is on board with a Rodriguez reunion, it would have to happen for around $1 million, including performance bonuses.

While I don't think Pudge is the answer since his skills are on a natural decline.  But given that Loria would like to have him onboard, it could happen.  That is assuming Rodriguez can't find a better offer somewhere else.

This begs the question:  Do Loria and Samson ever talk?

Then there is the dance of egos, would Rodriguez settle for the backup role or would he demand to be the primary catcher?  Pudge was great once, but now the sun is setting on his career.  Also, would he help in Baker's development?

It's hard to guess and I'm not any good at it.  When the Marlins signed him in 2003, I remember thinking: "What are they doing?"  The club had a young promising pitching staff which needed some on the field direction and all Pudge had been interested in as a Ranger was hitting.  Tell you the truth, I wasn't sure he even knew the names of the Ranger pitchers.

Then he came to South Florida.  Not only did he do a 180 from the past, he got in front and led the band.

Pudge is an enigma to me.

Should the Rodriquez deal never materialize, the Marlins have Chris Coste on the radar.

If Rodriguez doesn't pan out, the Marlins still could seek catching depth via trade. Another baseball source confirmed that as recently as this week the Marlins spoke with thePhillies about Chris Coste.

Don't look for anything to congeal quickly there. The Phillies want to see what they have in newly acquired Ronny Paulino before they consider trading Coste.

Coste is probably a more naturally fit, he is earning the league minimum and is pretty good at hitting lefties.

But, of course, there is some concern.  He will probably want to start and the dance egos will begin here too.  Also, it's unclear what the Marlins will have to give up in the way of a trade to get him.

While I don't want Rabelo as the backup, that could very likely happen.

Could someone refresh my memory as to why the Marlins let Treanor go?