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Florida Marlins Caravan Start - Not So Good

30-year old Cardboard went to one of the Caravan events yesterday and let's just say, it could've been better.

Today, I made the long trip to Homestead, Fl.  According to the schedule publihsed by the team, several players would be on hand at the Habitat for Humaity jobsite.  Although the schedule did not say that this event was open to the public, I still made plans to attend and was shocked to discover that I was the ONLY fan there!!!


Shortly after arriving, the players started to show up.


The guys:  Anibal Sanchez, Cody Ross, Scott Proctor, Dan Meyer, and Zachary Kroenke.

(Emphasis is mine)


Granted the Homestead stop wasn't the marquee event of the day, but still.   Hopefully the other stops are going a little better, then again, how could they go worse.

Oh, the highlight for our intrepid reporter, he did get to spend some time with Andre Dawson.  And that is always a good thing.

If any of you make it to one of the Caravan stops, please let us know how it went.