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Alfredo Amezaga's knee is getting better

Alfredo Amezaga has sat out the first two games of the spring due to a sore knee, but could see action today.

From the Fish Pond

All-purpose Alfredo Amezaga is resting a sore right knee, which is why he isn't playing in the Marlins first two Grapefruit League games.

Amezaga felt some discomfort while batting on Tuesday in an intrasquad scrimmage. If the knee doesn't show improvement in the next day or two, it could impact whether he plays for Mexico in the World Baseball Classic.

Manager Fredi Gonzalez said the team is closely watching, and the ailment may be enough to keep him from the Classic. Amezaga is the frontrunner to play center field for Mexico.

 First off, if he doesn't play in the WBC, that is just fine with me.  Now, Alfredo probably sees it differently being a competitive person and wanting to represent his country.  As I have said before, I'm selfish, and if none of the Marlins players are in the WBC I consider that a good thing.  While it is completely unreasonable thing to hope for, it is still what I hope.

 The second thing: Mexico must be turning out a bunch talented short stops and next to no center fielders to slate Alfredo as the starting CF.  Not that Alfredo can't play center field very satisfactorily, he can, it is just that he is wizard with the glove at short.

 I'm sure they know the talent level of their players better than I.