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Samson to coach the Generals

David Samson will be the coach of the Washington Generals on Sunday.

David Samson will try to slay Goliath on Sunday. The Marlins president has agreed to coach the Washington Generals on Sunday in a continuation of their long-standing rivalry with the Harlem Globetrotters. The Generals haven't beaten the Trotters since 1971 -- more than 12,000 games ago -- when they were known as the New Jersey Reds. Game is 1 p.m. at American Airlines Arena.

Let me get this right, the Washington Generals have lost about 12,000 games in-a-row and they are counting on Samson to lead them to victory?

Bet everything you have on the Globetrotters, 'cause there ain't no way the Generals will win with Samson at the helm.