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BtB Three Facts: Florida Marlins

Beyond the Box Score is continuing their Three Facts post about the various MLB teams and it is the Marlins turn.

Our friend Sky does some research and breaks out his color chart program he got for Christmas and briefly examines some of the Marlins players.

Three Facts:  Florida Marlins

As for the middle infielders, what you are looking for is if the teal bar is higher than the red bar.  It isn't, but it is getting closer, and almost to the point where there is very little difference.

As for Ricky, in 2007 he showed a flash of the pitcher he is.  That is until his elbow crapped out from overuse the season before.  I don't think last year was a fluke, but we will see how the extreme increase innings in 2008 will affect him this season.

Give it a look see, it is all visual and doesn't require an advanced degree in math.  Not that anything they do at BtB requires an advance degree in math, it is just that this presentation is extremely easy to understand.  But then again, BtB has always been fan friendly.