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Our intrepid Reporter does Spring Training

Okay, 30-year old Cardboard isn't our reporter, per se, but that is beside the point, he is hanging around the Marlins Spring Training and giving good advice on how to acquire autographs and meet some of the players.

Being a fan blog this is of interest to some of us.  Let's face it, if I were to jump the fence and head for short to interview Hanley Ramirez with my digital recorder in hand, I wouldn't make it past the first base line before security swarmed and threw me out of the stadium.

But an autograph and maybe a short conversation can be had, if one knew what to.

This is where 30-year old Cardboard comes in, he knows what he is doing.

He has put together an 8 part series of his experiences in Jupiter and, frankly, I don't know to link to it efficiently.  So just go look a whole the site and scroll down a bit and you will see it.

30-year old Cardboard

It turns out being the only fan to show up for a FanFest event, has some benefits.