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Game Today

Today is the opening of the Grapefruit League and there is no better way to do it than our Florida Marlins playing their Spring Training roommates the St. Louis Cardinals.

Starting on the hill for the Marlins is Anibal Sanchez.  To be followed by:

Aaron ThompsonBrett SinkbeilChris LerouxTaylor TankersleyTim Wood and Brian Sanches

The Cardinals are sending Blake Hawksworth to start off the spring season.

The thing of interest that all Marlins fans were wondering is what the batting order would be.  If you remember Fredi said the first game of the spring was the batting he would like to use to open the season.

Well Juan C. Rodriguez has access to the clubhouse and can read a bulletin board and via blackberry or some such posted this on the Sun-Sentinel blog about the lineup.

Cameron Maybin - R; John Baker - L; Hanley Ramirez - R; Jorge Cantu - R; Dan Uggla - R; Jeremy Hermida - L; Cody Ross - R; Dallas McPherson - L; Gaby Sanchez - R.

Keep in mind both teams will be using the DH and in the Marlins case that is McPherson.

So if everything goes the way Fredi hopes, take out McPherson, move Gaby up and add the pitcher and that will be the opening day batting order.

I've got to post this since the game is about to start.

Have a Great Day!