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Will Ohman and Chad Cordero still a possibility

The Marlins are still looking at Will Ohman and have added Chad Cordero to the list.

Florida continues to have interest in left-handed reliever Will Ohman, who looks like he will not return to the Braves.

Speculation that Ohman could sign with the Marlins surfaced recently on For the right price, the lefty could wind up in Florida.

Early reports said Ohman is seeking $1.5 million, but the thinking is he could be obtained for less.


The Marlins also recently attended a workout to watch right-handed reliever Chad Cordero. About 15 teams observed Cordero, who is battling back from a right shoulder problem. The reports are Cordero likely won't be ready until perhaps the second half. His fastball was clocked around 80 mph...

Man, times are tough when a good situational lefty like Ohman is having to drop his price in order to find a job.  The only problem with Ohman is that it will likely be a one-year stint with the team, but in order to make room for him the Marlins are either going to have to trade an out of options reliever or risk losing one on the waiver wire.

Cordero, hopefully, isn't a real possibility.  Shoulder surgery is a hard thing to come back from and by the above report he looks far from ready.  But there is nothing wrong with sending a scout out to take a look.  With any luck they have seen enough for now.