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Dan Uggla is the Man

You remember our new found friend, 30-year old Cardboard, sent off some things to be autographed by the Marlins players.

What he learned (and we by observing) is that Dan Uggla has the quickest response time.

7 days.  That’s it…  just 7.  7 days is all it took for this All-star player to return back what is now my favorite piece in my growing baseball memorabilia collection

Take a look at the picture Danny signed, it is really sweet.  And the really cool thing about it, Danny took some thought and signed it in exact right place.

So the bottom line is: load up on your Danny paraphernalia and send it on, he is absolutely fan friendly.  But then again, we already knew that.

If 30-year old Cardboard reads this, and hopefully he will, maybe, just maybe, he will let us know what address to send our Danny paraphernalia.

Always, and I can't emphasis that enough, send a SESE to get it back.