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Florida Marlins scrimmage game

The Florida Marlins had an scrimmage game yesterday and most all went well.

I'm quote boxing too much of this but hopefully Joe Frisaro will forgive me.

The team went through an intrasquad contest, with Sean West and Frankie De La Cruz each starting. The game lasted six innings. Dan Uggla, Alfredo Amezaga, Emilio Bonifacio and Cody Ross were among the players going all six innings.

Uggla had an RBI groundout in the first inning.

Hanley Ramirez added two singles, a stolen base and a run scored in a DH role.

On the down side, Ross was jammed on a pitch while hitting and he aggravated his right palm/thumb area. He may take a day off from hitting.

By chance, did anyone see the game?  And if so, where did Bonifacio play?