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Florida Marlins outfield no respect

The Examiner put together their rankings for their projected NL East outfields for the coming season and the Marlins once again finished last.

5. Marlins – Cameron Maybin, Jeremy Hermida, Cody Ross and Alfredo Amezaga

The Marlins could have a future star in young five-tool center fielder Cameron Maybin; but he likely isn’t quite ready yet. Still only 21 years-old, he struggles with pitch recognition and will struggle if thrown against big league pitchers this year. The club still has hope that Jeremy Hermida can reverse his regressing numbers, and become the power hitting outfielder that many observers thought he would develop into. Ross has serviceable power, but isn’t an impact player with the glove or the bat.   

I have no idea what projections they were using but given how Chone and Pecota have treated the Marlins, this is no surprise.  And honestly, who knows what Hermida will do, or for that matter Maybin in a full season.

The one exception I have to the analysis is Cody.  While Cody isn't a fantasy impact type hitter, he does come up with clutch hits, whatever clutch is.  From my understanding the stats guys and gals have redefined their equation of clutch, so maybe they are getting a handle on it.  But all that aside, just being an observer of the game, Cody does have a history of coming up with a late inning hit when needed.  Not always, of course, but he does better than most.

The fielding thing I take great exception to, Cody is an impact player with the glove.  I won't bore you with stats but that man can field his position and throw.  This a provable fact.