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Anibal Sanchez starting the first spring game

This is, also, an old story and if you read Photi yesterday you already know it.

Anibal Sanchez is slated to be the starting pitcher for the Marlins in their first spring training game .

Gonzalez said right-hander Anibal Sanchez will start Wednesday's Grapefruit League opener against the Cardinals at Roger Dean Stadium.

If this spring is like all the others in the past, he will go about two innings.  Hopefully we will get the full pitching lineup before tomorrow's game.  That is assuming Fredi cares to let us in on it.

But let's say you can't a seat for the game, or maybe you are interested in some other aspects of the team.  Then no problem, there is another game happening on the back fields.

...the Marlins will have a B Game with Italy's World Baseball Classic team on the back field at Roger Dean Stadium. Burke Badenhop will start for Florida in that six-inning contest.

If the Hopper has his sinker ball going, the boys in teal behind him will get a chance to show their ground ball fielding prowess.  If Badenhop doesn't have it going, the outfielders are going to be chasing down fly balls.

Either way, the fielders are going to get a workout.