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Burke Badenhop economist

I know this story is a day or two old, but still, it hits home with me.  So you have to suffer.

Burke Badenhop offers his opinions on the economic crisis.

A spring training clubhouse might be the unlikeliest setting for an economics forum - until Marlins pitcher Burke Badenhop is asked for his thoughts on the world's financial crisis.

"The housing crisis obviously caused it. You have to fix that. But it's also a case of creating jobs,'' he said. "Just dumping a bunch of money into Ford and GM, I didn't think, made a lot of sense because they're going to keep making the same stuff.''

I don't agree with that.  But horse race betting only exist because of a difference of opinions, as does bar talk.

Burke goes on.

"I've got no problems giving out tax money,'' he continues, "as long as it's earmarked to the right places. That's what the economy is - allocating proper capital to people who need it, people who are going to make it double, triple ...''

What in the name of Alan Greenspan does this 26-year-old pitcher know about capital asset ratio, microfinancing and product differentiation? "Not much,'' he said with a laugh.

But he knows plenty more than most baseball players. Badenhop graduated from Ohio's Bowling Green State University in 2005 with an economics degree and a 3.94 GPA.

Cool.  I have graduate degrees in economics and I suspect that Burke and I could have conversations, while they would be interesting to the two of us, would bore the heck out of anyone with in ear shot.

I could go into my analysis of the quotes presented, but that wouldn't be fair.   Especially since they were recorded by a sports writer.  Nothing against sports writers, in a way, I'm not that much different. (Other than I'm not a professional, have no access and can't write.)  It's just that economics, generally, isn't their forte.

But this isn't a economics blog, and I surely don't want to turn it into one.  It is just nice to know if I'm ever allowed in the Marlins clubhouse, like that will happen, there is someone who shares a common interest outside of baseball.

See, I told you would have to suffer through this.  That is assuming you have read this post this far.