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Hanley Ramirez top fantasy player

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USA Today's Sports Weekly announced it's Top 100 fantasy player for the 2009 season and Hanley Ramirez took home top honors.

Sports Weekly's Top 100 fantasy players for 2009, based on projections for performance this season and taking into account factors such as potential for trades and injury. 


1. Hanley Ramirez, Marlins SS

In other words, Hanley is expected to drafted first in most fantasy leagues that value positive offensive contributions.  However, if you are playing in one of those leagues where you try to finish last, he is pretty much useless.  If you play fantasy baseball and haven't tried to play one of those finish last leagues, you ought to sometime.  It's a lot harder than you think with the IP and AB requirements.  But I digress.

Anyway, Hanley was the only Marlin in the Top 100.