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Andy Fox rides a scooter to Spring Training?

Tom D'Angelo spends 60 seconds with Andy Fox.

When you park next to the Harleys that President Larry Beinfest, manager Fredi Gonzalez and strength and conditioning coach Paul Fournier ride, do you feel inferior?

I just call it my Harley Davidson starter kit.


Do you drive in the bike lane or on the road?

No. You've got to stay on the street. That's the law. It goes 45. People are nice here, so they are very accommodating.


Okay, first off, Beinfest rides a Harley?  Didn't know that.  I knew Fredi did, but Bienfest?  That is a lot of the Marlins intellectual talent riding on the roads of South Florida in something that a emergency room nurse, who I used to date, called a donor cycle. (In case you're wondering about my past love life, she finally came to her senses and realized she could do better.  She was smart so it was only a matter of time.)

Now, Andy Fox is counting on the kindness of South Florida motorist to not get himself killed.

The X-Games have nothing on the Marlins intelligencia arriving to the stadium.

Click on the link for the complete interview.