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Dave Zirin speaks on Sports and the Economy

Dave Zirin is a well-respected sports writer.  In the following he takes a look at sports and the economy.

Today's Super Bowl will see the city of Tampa, Fla., taking in 20 percent less than projected. That's a $30 million loss, as companies have chosen to host far fewer parties during a week that's usually like Mardi Gras for multimillionaires.

But it's not just the Super Bowl. The National Football League's stepchild, the Arena Football League, has had to cancel its upcoming season. The Florida Marlins baseball team played a game in August with 500 people in attendance. The Ladies Professional Golf Association has canceled three tournaments and dropped millions in prize money. The NFL and the National Basketball Association had to lay off approximately 10 percent of their corporate workforces.

(Emphasis is mine)

While I completely agree that professional sports will take a hit with the current economic conditions, I don't think the Marlins game in August is the best example.

That was a midweek day game and Marlins fans never show up for those.  No one is going to take a vacation day from work or play hooky from school to drive about seventy miles to bake in the sun.  The club doesn't have a history of playing day games during the week.  (We ain't the Cubs.)  So, for at least the last four years, midweek day games draw next to nobody in South Florida.  (Camp days excluded.)

The attendance for that game was not a function of the economy but rather a reflection of the past attendance patterns of the area.  However, the fans did curse the game wondering why in the world did some fool schedule a weekday game.

My suggestion to Mr. Zirin, you need a better example than that game to solidify your point.  Now, it may work with the masses but it only weakens it with Marlins fans.

Just a thought.