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Florida Marlins position players

I need to write a Marlins preview for an organization and I would like your opinion.

Let's say the Marlins break camp with 13 position players and 12 pitchers.  This is not a guarantee since for much of last season the Marlins carried 13 pitchers and 12 position players.  But let's stick to 13 position players for the sake of this discussion.

You have the 8 starters on the field, so that leaves 5 bench players.  One slot belongs to Wes Helms, a second slot will be Alfredo Amezaga, a third slot will be the backup catcher, a fourth will be the fourth outfielder, this is known or at least assumed.

That leaves one golden ticket left, so who gets it?  That's the question.

Helms can play either corner infield position.  Alfredo can play darn near anywhere.  There will be a backup catcher.  The fourth outfielder will probably be able to play any of the outfield positions, though one may can get around that.

Who is the fifth player on the bench?  Any thoughts on the matter are appreciated.