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Emilio Bonifacio not be 2009 Marlin?

Emilio Bonifacio may not make the team when camps breaks.

The Marlins are not sure infielder Emilio Bonifacio -- acquired from Washington in the Josh Willingham/Scott Olsen trade -- will make the team but believe he will eventually become a decent hitter, and Bonifacio said that will happen by improving his bunting. But two scouts expressed pessimism about his offensive upside.

Bonifacio has hit .240, with a poor .300 on-base average, in 192 career at-bats, with more strikeouts (49) than hits (46). ''He's about as fast a guy as there is in baseball,'' Marlins executive Larry Beinfestsaid.

Once again let me get this straight, he can't hit, doesn't draw walks, is crappy at stealing bases but he can run his bat and helmet back to the dugout faster than anyone else in the majors after a non-productive out?  I'm sold.

Also I'm a bit confused on how improving his bunting is going to improve his hitting.  Given that he has no power and if he starts bunting a lot, won't the corner infielders start cheating in and take the bunt away from him?

Maybe I'm missing something.

Whether he makes the team or not will depend partly on whether the Marlins are able to trade Andino.  Andino is out of options and Bonifacio is not, so if both are still on the 40-man roster come opening day, and if a bench spot is open (more on this later), then it should go to Andino.  Who at this point in his career is a better all-around player than Bonifacio.