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Tales from the Marlins spring training

Joe Frisaro on his blog once again provides some inside information about the happenings of the spring.  I will admit, reading his blog makes me somewhat sad, in that, I can't be there to witness the various events or not witness in this case.

If you have made it out to spring training and are wondering where the heck is Cody, there is a good reason he isn't there.

Cody Ross will have a good reason for not being in camp on Thursday. His wife is scheduled to have labor induced that day on the couples' second child, a baby girl.


Ross said he probably will be away on Thursday and Friday.

Congratulations to Cody and his wife!  Also, it is always nice to welcome into the world the newest Marlins fan.  Welcome aboard young one.  We will probably get the name of the newest Marlins fan later.