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Fredi Gonzalez contract extended

As Fluxuation reported in yesterday's Chum Bucket, the Marlins extended Fredi Gonzalez's contract.  (Quick note: one part of spring training I absolutely love is when the long time FishStripers start filtering in.  It is like old home week.)

Anyway back to the news at hand.

Gonzalez received a two-year extension on his contract that will take him through the 2011 season.

''I don't think I let him finish the sentence,'' Gonzalez said, recalling the moment Saturday when club owner Jeffrey Loria offered the extension. 'I said `Yes.' ''


If Gonzalez remains at the helm for the duration of his contract, he would end up managing more games than anyone in Marlins history.


Second baseman Dan Uggla said Gonzalez brings a laid-back approach to the clubhouse, but gets in their faces when the time is necessary.

''He's very easy-going, but he'll kick your butt when you need that, too,'' Uggla said. ``You can go to him at any time. His door is always open. We can call him at any hour of the night if we needed to. We're just lucky to have him.''


Congratulations Fredi! 

Fredi promised to move to Miami after his kids finish high school, which is about two years away.  That should make his parents happy since they will be closer to their grandkids.

Also the extension will keep Atlanta at bay for at least of a couple of years.

Fredi has earned the extension and I couldn't be happier for him.