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Kiko Calero trying to avoid New Orleans

Kiko Calero wants to earn a spot in the bullpen and is considering forgoing the WBC.

Hoping to prove he's healthy and win a spot in the Marlins' bullpen, right-hander Kiko Calero said he'll probably skip the World Baseball Classic. Calero, who is trying to come back after missing time with a torn rotator cuff, is on Puerto Rico's provisional roster.

"I'm 80 percent no," Calero said.

Probably a good move to skip the WBC.  The Marlins have stocked up on relievers and time away from camp probably won't help Kiko's chances of making the squad.

If he is healthy, and that is something he has to prove the powers that be, he has a real shot at making the team.  And it is kinda hard to prove it sitting on the bench in the bullpen for Puerto Rico.