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Ricky Nolasco looking fit

From Joe Frisaro's musings at spring training.

Ricky Nolasco is building his case for being the Opening Day starter. In a bullpen session on Sunday, Nolasco was so effective with all his pitches that catcher John Baker said he looked like he was throwing in August.

I have no doubt that Ricky will look sharp in the early goings, my concern is whether he will hold up throughout the season.  He pitched a lot innings last season (212.1) after pitching next to none because of injury in 2007 (21.1).  That is a huge jump and can often be a cause of concern.

Since the Marlins open the season with the Nationals I am hoping he won't be the opening day starter for the Fish.  Likewise I'm hoping Scott Olsen won't be the opening day starter for the Nats.  In other words, I am being selfish.  For you see, the opening day game is scheduled to take place at 4:10 p.m. and I won't see much if any of it.  However, if they square off on the second game of the season (game time 7:10) I've got a shot to view most of it.

I doubt the Marlins or the Nationals will take my work schedule into consideration when deciding on the pitching rotation and nor should they.

But I still want to see Nolasco v. Olsen.  It should be a good one.