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Florida Marlins lineup

If by chance you get to witness the batting order for the Marlins first spring training game, you will get to see the order that Fredi would like to go with for the season.

Manager Fredi Gonzalez said he's got a stack of different lineups in his briefcase. At FanFest Saturday, Gonzalez wouldn't divulge specifics such as whether Maybin would hit leadoff and Ramirez third. He did say he would unveil his preferred alignment at the first opportunity.

"You want to do whatever is best for the team and leave the individual out of it," Gonzalez said. "I'm not set. I think there's one lineup there that I like for many different reasons. The first spring training game you'll see it."

First off, how the heck is he going to strap his briefcase to his Harley?  I'm sure there is a way but it seems to me they whatever method he chooses will beat up the exterior of the case.  Then again, maybe Fredi buys his briefcases at the bargain discount store, so it really doesn't matter.  Then again, maybe bungee cords lines give the case character.

Honestly, I couldn't care less what his briefcase looks like but when you are in the middle of the offseason, you invent things to write about.

Anyone want to venture a guess as to what the batting order will be in the first spring training game?