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BP has the Marlins finishing last

Baseball Prospectus ran their numbers and once again the Marlins are projected to finish last in the division.


(This is premium stuff and requires a subscription to see everything.)

Ah, last again.  Honestly I don't have a problem that most all of the projections having the Marlins finishing last in the division.  While I don't think they are right, since most of the starters for next season didn't make an appearance on the team in 2008 until after the All-Star break and the projections aren't accounting for that.  It is just the way it goes.

Now, I will have a problem when the Marlins do better than projected and a few of the stat guys start comparing results to the early season predictions and claim the Marlins are all smoke and mirrors.  Trust me it will happen.  Not from BP or BtB but someone will do it.  It happens every year and it always makes me laugh.

I'm not running down the usefulness of stats, they have there place and it is an important one, but it just seems, on occasion, context is lost by some.

Something gives me the idea I'm going to get ripped for this.  Oh well.