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FanFest Pictures

Not only did our own LadyFish, who so kindly put some pictures up in the Fan Shots, other Marlin fans are proudly showing their displays.

Our most excellent friend, Photi, records his experience at the event.  However, there is not good way to isolate the pictures so what you need to do is just go to Fish Chunks to see it all through his lens.

The intrepid reporter who was the only fan to show up to at the Homestead event, made it out to FanFest also.

30-year old Cardboard

Then there is the fame Wax Heaven, who also brought along his camera, his pictures are here:

Wax Heaven

Finally, The Infamous Tatiana made a showing.

For the Love of Baseball

Personally, I wouldn't have bothered with getting Samson's autograph, but to each their own.

If you are like me and didn't get the chance to make it out to FanFest, all of the above will give make you wish you could have.