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Radio Interview

I did an internet radio interview last night and really didn't say anything you don't already know.  However, if you like to hear it,  the link will be posted in just a second.

To preface it a little, GameFish and I had the following text discussion. (Note: I didn't get her permission to post this but I think it will be all right.  Oh, btw, she and I have to communicate on certain occasions )

GameFish: Getting ready for your interview?

Craig: Chugging Jack Daniels as we speak. ;)

So with that in mind, here it is.

Sports Talk Soup

Normally once the radio interview season starts I get pretty good at not using "you know" as a filler.  But last night proved I wasn't anywhere near midseason form.  I'm not a pro at the radio game like GameFish.

My segment is in the final thirty minutes of the hour and a half show.