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Winter Meetings: Marlins Rumor Central

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The Winter Meetings are underway, and here at FishStripes the goal is to keep you as informed as possible on anything and everything that could be in the works for the Marlins. Yes, even the super ridiculous rumors that swirl about that we all know have about a .001% chance of actually happening. (We're all about the facts here at FishStripes.) Until the meetings end, just consider Craig and I the Sal Masekela and Catt Sadler of the baseball world. Except, you know, Craig's dreds aren't as long as Sal's, and I won't be wearing a micro-minidress or contorting my body into an extremely awkward/unnatural supermodel pose as I blog.

Check back often, as we'll be updating as the information comes in each day. Here is the latest:

[UPDATE] Matt Lindstrom has been traded to the Houston Astros for RHP Robert Bono and SS Luis Bryan.

JoeFrisaro: Heard don't put much stock into Cantu to Rangers reports. At this point, Cantu is expected back in Fla. Always subject to change

JoeFrisaro: Don't rule out Uggla winding up in San Fran. There is still smoke. Also, heard Marlins never asked for Bumgarner in return.

Grit 2 has signed with the Philths:

Word spread late tonight at the Winter Meetings in Indianapolis that the Phillies had signed free agent outfielder Ross Gload. A baseball source said it was a two-year contract.

Both the Giants and the Orioles appear to be cooling off on Uggla:

JoeFrisaro: Uncertainty of how Uggla can handle 3B seems to be limiting his market. O's may be cooling.

The Giants are looking to add thump to their lineup, but not if it leads to more clanks in their infield. So they haven't amplified efforts to acquire Florida Marlins second baseman Dan Uggla, who might be the surest run-producing infielder available via trade or free agency.
mlbtraderumor: Rangers Interested In Jorge Cantu
JoeFrisaro: A lot of interest on Pinto. Nothing imminent. 

JoeFrisaro: The Dodgers are inquiring about Alfredo Amezaga.