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Matt Lindstrom being shopped

The Marlins are apparently entertaining offers for Matt Lindstrom.

According to Ken Rosenthal.

Here is one reliever who is virtually certain to be traded at the winter meetings, if not before:

Marlins right-hander Matt Lindstrom.

Of the six teams to express interest in Lindstrom, three have jumped to the forefront in recent days, according to major-league sources.

The Marlins are "close" to trading Lindstorm, one source said, adding that a deal "could happen any day now."

The Rays and Rangers are among the teams that have expressed interest in Lindstrom, but neither is close to a deal, sources said.

Lindstrom, who turns 30 on Feb. 11, is eligible for salary arbitration for the first time. The Marlins are fairly deep in late-inning relievers. Right-handers Leo Nunez, Renyel Pinto and Tim Wood will return, and left-hander Taylor Tankersley is expected back from elbow surgery. — Ken Rosenthal

Joe Frisaro even adds more via twitter.


#Marlins In talking to Lindstrom Sunday, he said Marlins flew him to Miami in mid-Nov for an exit physical. MRI showed elbow is fine.


Matt Lindstrom is a very interesting playter.  It isn't everyday a pitcher who throws the ball 100 mph is on the blocks.  Almost all teams will see the potential and think, if we can only get him working with our pitching coaches we take him to the next level where he will dominate consistently.  And maybe they are right.

Before you get all sad, assuming you would, Lindstrom will be 30 years-old by the time next season starts.  He is first year of being arbitration eligible and the Marlins aren't going to spend the money in hopes of him being the closer of  the "future".  If he was 25, maybe they would, but not at 30.

Lindstrom is an interesting trading piece, if the Marlins decide to go that way.  Late inning bullpen help is always a need, now, if the Marlins trade him what they will get in return remains to be seen.  A lot that will factor into whether the other clubs seeing this as just a salary dump or whether they feel the Marlins are trading a late inning pitcher to improve the team.  Also one must figure in the other clubs need for a late inning pitcher.

We will see what happens.