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Winter Meetings start today

The Winter Meetings are underway, well, sort of.  The major players are still gathering in Indianapolis but the negotiations should start soon.  The Winter Meetings last from December 7-10 and conclude with the Rule 5 draft on the 10th.  The Marlins won't be selecting anyone in the Rule 5 draft since there isn't a slot on the 40-man roster available.  However, that doesn't mean the Marlins won't lose a player or two in the major league version of the draft.  The minor league version may be somewhat different.

Most of what you will hear this week is speculation and rumors, but some will be true.  As best we can, we will cover all of those rumors that seem plausible.  Example: if some fool writes that the Marlins are willing to trade Bonifacio for Lincecum and the Giants are interested to the point that are willing to eat all his future salary, we won't be relaying that one.  Though, I would be happy if it happened.

The main focus of this week for baseball sites is the Winter Meetings and we are no different.

Oh, I think it is funny that the beat writers are like kids seeing their first snow fall.  Nothing like living in South Florida.