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Marlins keep building goodwill in Little Havana

The Florida Marlins, et al, keep trying to win over the community which will soon be their new home.

Miami, FL- The Florida Marlins and the Florida Marlins Community Foundation, together with Hunt/Moss, A Joint Venture, will be donating 100 Christmas Trees to families in Little Havana onFriday, December 4, 2009 from 10 A.M. to 12 P.M. at 1600 NW 4 Street in Little Havana.

The families have been chosen based on financial need by the Neighborhood Enhancement Team (NET) of Little Havana. Families will have an opportunity to join Billy The Marlin in a day of fun, music, giveaways and much more. Christmas trees are provided by Winn-Dixie.

"We understand how important it is to build relationships with our neighbors," said Angela Smith, Florida Marlins Community Outreach Director. "We care about the families and hope this event will impact their lives this Holiday Season."

One lucky family will receive Holiday cheer Marlins style, with a special visit by Santa Billy and his crew for a one-of-a-kind Christmas tree extravaganza.

Boy, talk about the least they can do after Hunt/Moss forgot to implement the SWPPP plan.  And especially since we may all be parking on our new neighbors lawn in order to see a game.

All sarcasm aside, it really nice the Marlins, et al, are doing this.  The Marlins are very good at community involvement.  That said, the players really need to practice up on their skills at dominos.