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Holiday Chum Bucket

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I was going to try my hand at poetry with a delightful FishStripes version of "The Night Before Christmas," but I only got as far as: "The Chum Bucket was posted by GameFish with care, since Craig was stuck in a blizzard and couldn't be there" before it dawned on me that I have better things to do with my holiday than try to find words that rhyme with things like "FishStripes," "Ichthyomancy" and "jrhanna."

And so, instead, I will simply post your Holiday Chum Bucket, and wish those in the FishStripes community who celebrate it a very merry Christmas. May your day be filled with holiday cheer, and may Santa bring you everything you asked for... including season tickets in section 145, row 1, a season-long parking pass, and the announcement of a Bonifacio trade. (I'm just assuming those are standard entries on everyone's wish list. Correct me if I'm wrong.)

As always, the Chum Bucket is an open thread, so if you have any time between opening gifts, watching the 36-hour "A Christmas Story" marathon, and refereeing the annual Family Fight, feel free to discuss anything you'd like. 

Merry Christmas!!!