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SI's Top 20 prospects

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Sports Illustrated (sort of) released their list of MLB's top 20 prospects and one of the Marlins farm hands made the list.

3. Mike Stanton, OF, Marlins

Why he's here: No one in the minors combines Stanton's athletic ability and physicality with his sheer power.

What he'll be: Stanton is a bigger, stronger version of Marlins special assistant Andre Dawson. He has 40-homer potential and fits the right-field profile perfectly.

When he arrives: The Marlins haven't been shy about promoting prospects aggressively, but Stanton struggled a bit in Double-A last season. If he struggles at first in his first big league action in 2010, don't give up on him.

Congrats Mike! 

Don't know exactly when, but one day he will be in the Marlins outfield.